Industrial Development

Shelbina, Missouri is located in Northeast Missouri on Highway 36 and Highway 15 in Shelby County .

The Shelbina Economic Development Office and Shelby County Economic Development stand ready to assist you with your relocation/expansion needs in Shelbina, MO. The City of Shelbina owns various land for your building needs. Other incentives are offered depending on the need(s) of your company. Incentives are evaluated on a per business basis. They may include, but not limited to, incentives such as Chapter 100 bonds and Chapter 353 bonds on a local level. Incentives are also offered on the State level and are reviewed per business based.

The City of Shelbina has ample sites and acres for you to grow and expand your business. Click on the links below to find out more:

West Industrial Park – 28 Acres

North Industrial Park – 58 Acres

The Shelbina Economic Development council and the City of Shelbina are interested in partnering with your company to fill your business expansion/relocation needs. We work closely with the Missouri Department of Economic Development and other state agencies on projects. Please visit their web site at

We would be delighted to discuss the possibility of having your business located or expand here and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please contact the Economic Development Director at 573-588-4104 ext. 14 or by e-mail at