City Improvement Project Information


City of Shelbina – City Improvement Project: Upgrade Water, Gas, & Electric Infrastructure as well as lighting.

The City of Shelbina is close to beginning of the City Improvement Project.  The project will have several parts.  Direct customer impact will be noticed during the metering upgrade and retrofit program across all utilities in town.  This project includes replacement of approximately 850 water meters, 1,200 electric meters, and retrofitting 700 gas meters.  This project will support the current efforts of the City to improve customer services and reduce unaccounted for utility losses due to meter inaccuracy.

Meter Replacement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the meter being replaced?

Meter often lose accuracy over the course of their life and industry standards has them being replaced every 15 – 20 years.  The City’s current metering population is a mix of old and new meters, with some meters over 20 years old that are in dire need of replacement.  The new system will upgrade the meter population and allow the city to implement an automated meter reading technology that will save time, prevent recording errors, reduce meter reading time, minimize City employees need to go on private property, and improve the overall services being provided to Shelbina’s citizens.

What is the cost to a customer?

The cost is zero.  The City is not increasing rates because of the meter project and will be using a combination of reserve funds, improved meter accuracy revenues, and operational efficiency gains to pay for the project.

Does this mean my bill will be increasing?

Not necessarily.  Some utility customers will see an increase if your current meter is inaccurate and underreporting usage.  While most residents are paying for the water, electricity, and gas they use, some customers are getting a discounted rate because of the inaccuracy of the current system.  The newly installed meters will ensure fairness and equity in billings for all the residents and businesses once installed and limit the need for future rate increases to replace the City’s metering infrastructure.

Who is replacing the meters?

The City of Shelbina has partnered with Schneider Electric to help oversee the design, engineering, and now implementation of the entire project.  The installation of meters is being handled by one of Schneider Electric’s subcontractors, Retro-Tech Systems (RTS). In addition to replacing meters the City will see upgraded streetlights to LED technology, SCADA system improvements, and interior LED lighting retrofits.

When will the work be performed?

The majority of work will take place Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, starting in October of 2016 and continuing into early next year.

How will I be notified when my meters are scheduled to be replaced?

Approximately one week prior to meters being replaced, the resident or business owner will be provided a door tag to make sure they are aware of their upcoming meter replacement.  The tag will include detailed information for what to do during the meter replacement and what to expect immediately following the replacement of your meters.  Should you require constant water for medical equipment or have specific needs relating to your water issue, please contact the City Office of Shelbina.

How will this affect my service?

The Schneider Electric/RTS team will come to your residence or place of business to replace your meters during normal business hours.  A team member will notify all occupants of the residence or business their meter(s) are going to be replaced. Before the electric, gas or water meter is replaced the existing meter will be checked and verified for any leaks or issues related to its service and that no water is being used.  If no water is being used, the meter will be replaced and a similar process will take place for electrical replacement and gas meter retrofits.    The interruption in services should last approximately 30 minutes.  Once complete, a meter change out a team member will knock on your door to inform you the process is complete and what to expect with your new meter.

How long with this take?

For residential customers, it is a simple process and should only disrupt service for about 30 minutes.

How do I know who is authorized to complete the work?

ALL Schneider Electric and RTS Employees will be wearing properly marketed badges, uniforms, and trucks will be clearly marked with one of our logos (see below).  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City Office of Shelbina immediately to make us aware of any issues.

Do they need to come inside my house or business?

There are very few meters in Shelbina that are located inside a residence or business.  Arrangements will be made to make these change outs or meters may be relocated prior to the start of the project.  If you have a concern about someone entering the home call City Office of Shelbina.

If I own a business, who do I call to schedule an appointment?

A Schneider Electric / RTS team member will contact you to schedule a date and time for your meter replacement.

What if I cannot be home during my scheduled meter replacement time?

In most cases no one will need to be at home during your meter replacement.  The majority of work will take place outside of the home and there will be no need for someone to stay home or be at the residence.

How will I know my meter was replaced?

Unless there is a problem, you should not notice any change in service or billing from the change out process. You will receive a door tag showing your area is scheduled and a knock on the door once complete.  If you are not home during the change out, the City of Shelbina will receive updates from Schneider Electric and RTS weekly and they can provide you information regarding your specific residence or business.